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Pictures are graphical way of expressing ideas, sentiments and feelings.

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Funny pictures are better than porn pictures


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Can he speak to me??

Double direction car for two way travel..

Face-painted fish (best of 2007)

African feet circle (best of 2007)

Grass lady (best of 2007)

Hands made up a face (best of 2007)

Happy Birthday with this skull cake.

Orange frog (digitaly peeled off)

Banana fish

(An intelligent cloning)

Art of looking - 3D look

Waiting for someone while sleeping?

Find young and old faces.

Big smoker; trying for Guinness World Record.

Pierce man of the world.

Is there any difference between his two hands?

Find nine people in this picture!

How many animals you can find in this picture?

An exclusive tailor, buttoning on his own skin.

How many figures you can find in this picture?

A new stylish cake for your birthday! Is not it?

How many legs does this giant have?

How many faces you can find in this picture?

An exclusive old couple.

An exclusive illusion. Find the exact floor or roof.

Muslim George W. Bush (a concept)

Higher Studies

Growing Kid

Over-crowded Train

Horse Limosine

Jumbo Cock

The End

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