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The Real Islam Urdu
Candles of Islam (Full Collection)
Miracles of Qura'an
A special site on Islam
The Soul after Death
Everything about Ramazan
Free Islamic Greeting Cards

اردو قارئین یہاں کلک کریں
روشنی کے مینار
مسلمان کا اصلی گھر
ایک لمحہء فکریہ
عاشقوں کی قسمیں
ایک سچی کہانی

World Factbook of Pakistan
Constitution of Pakistan
Government of Pakistan
Pakistani Ministries
Pakistani Departments
United Nations in Pakistan
UN Common Library (ISBD)
Encyclopedia of Pakistan
Education Website

About Pakistan
Pakistan Army
Awards of Pakistan
Facts & Figures
Pakistani Leadership
Universities & Colleges

Quaid-e-Azam M.A. Jinnah
Father of the Nation  
Allama Muhammad Iqbal   
Iqbal Academy
Websites on Iqbal's Work
Send E-Mail to Govt of Pakistan
Write to President of Pakistan
Send Free SMS to Pakistan

 Daily Newspapers

Urdu - Daily Jang | Daily Ausaf
English - The Nation | The News | The Dawn

 Some Quick Links

Pakistan International Airlines
Pakistan Railways
Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd.
Pakistan Television Corporation
Pakistan Post
Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd

National Anthem

  Computer & Internet 

  Free Stuff  

Descriptions of suspected processes
Online Virus Encyclopedia
Online System Process Directory
Download Free DLL Files
Download Free Drivers
Download Free Codec
Windows XP Tweaks
About File Extensions
Answer that Work  (Task Programs)
Computers Museum (793 computers)
Everything about Internet
PC Magazine
The Future of Technology
History of Names (Computer Info)
Recommended Software

Free Online Greeting Cards
Free Site Submission
Free Browser Compatibility
Free Web Space
Free Animations
Free Clipart
Free Fonts | More Free Fonts
Free Font Sources
Free Graphics
Free Icons | Icon Empire
Free Sound Effects
Free Virus Removal Tools
Free Web Servers

  Graphics Section 

  Online Reference 

Free Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
Online Web Tools
Online Colour Laboratory
DHTML & JavaScripts  
Colour Backgrounds
Web Graphics
Illusion in Art

American's guide to speaking British
American's guide to speaking British
Reader's Digest Online
Daylight Saving Time Countries
Current Local Times in Asia 
Free Online Translation | Site#2 | Site#3
Great Buildings of the World
Online Medical Dictionary
Online World Encyclopedia
Online Universal Currency Converter



  World Panorama 

Space Invaders

Games Homepage
play 8 games for free...

Find Diseases & Symptoms (A~Z)   site#2
Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)
Online Medical Dictionary
Women's' Health Information
A Women's' Guide to...
Health. COM
Health with BBC
Health with CNN
Brain Explorer Gallery
Mystery of Human Brain
Ensuring A Long Happy And Healthy Life
Drug Dangers

  Virtual Tours 
  360 panoramic views 

Home of Global 360 Panoramas (World)
Asia | Europe | Africa | America | Oceania

Taj Mahal, Agirah, India  
       inside the gatehouse | celestial pool

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France 
      choose different panoramic views

Niagara Falls, Canada
      night |
rooftop | gorge | victoria park

The Great Wall, China
      view #1 | view #2 | view #3 | view #4

Miscellaneous 360 Panoramic Views
Italy | Machu Picchu, Peru

Home of UK Virtual Tours
Tower Bridge | Castle | Palace

Interactive Virtual Tours (Gallery)  
Granada, Spain | Assorted Pictures
Around the World in 80 Clicks
World Photo Albums (Gallery)



Open WAP Emulator (Internet on WAP mobile)
Internet Mobile Chat (Mobilink GSM)
Mobile Downloads (Ringbones, Wallpapers)
Yahoo Mail
Yahoo Messenger
Yahoo Chat
Yahoo Greetings

World Earthquake Information

  Music & Showbiz 

  Science & Space 


Listen MP3 Pakistani Songs 
Royalty Free Music (Category-wise)
USA Movies
World Largest Movies Database IMDb

Greenwich Mean Time (since 1984)
Hubble Website
NASA Home Page | NASA TV
US Science Foundation

Governments on the Web (official sites)

Worldwide Embassies

Worldwide Stock Exchanges

World Bank

Asian Development Bank ADB

World Trade Organization WTO 

United Nations UNO

Int'l Monetary Fund IMF

Int'l Org. for Standardization ISO

Int'l Labor Organization ILO


BBC Urdu News  |  CNN News  
MSNBC News     | The New York Times


Microsoft Office Online
Microsoft Free Online Courses

MS Office Tips & Tricks

Windows XP Tips & Tricks

Windows Tweaks

Search Engines

> Google  | Yahoo  | Netscape  | MSN

> AltaVista  | Lycos  | Excite  | HotBot  | AOL

  My Lahore 

  World Airlines  

Current Lahore Weather
Everything about Lahore
Apna Lahore
Lahore Maps
Lahore Telephone Directory


American Airlines

Japan Airlines

Air Canada

Kuwait Airways

Air France


Cathay Pacific

Singapore Airlines

Delta Airlines

Thai Airways



Pakistan International Airlines
  Top Rated 

The White House
Presidents of the USA
Flags of the World
Find the man's brain
Lit a candle for World Peace 
Mesmerizing Card Trick  
Amusing Facts

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