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There is no God but Allah, Muhammad ((SAW)) is the prophet of God.


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Whoever Allah wishes to guide, He opens his heart to Islam. (Al-Qur'an, 6:125)

What Is Isra?

One night, in  the year 620 AD,  Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was standing near the Kaābah when Angel Jbrael (AS) approached him with a beast described as being an animal between a mule and a donkey called "Burraq".Its speed was such that its hooves would touch where his eyes gazed. This part of journey known as "Isra" or "the night journey" took place between Mecca and Jerusalem.

Burraq bore Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on its back and in an instant transported him to Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, a journey that at that time took 40 days. Here, at the third holiest site in Islam, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) led all the Prophets in prayer.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was  able to recount the details of this journey, the place, building, and even the caravan that was on its way from Jerusalem, Perfectly; this not only verified his claims and discredited the Quraysh mockery, but also strengthened Muslims in their faith.
What Is Miraj?

From Masjid Al-Aqsa, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) went to the second part of his journey known as "Miāraj" or ascension to the heavens. He (SAW), accompanied by Jibrail (AS) ascended from heaven to heaven and was introduced to some previous prophets of Allah including Adam (AS), the father of all mankind; Isa and his cousin Yahya; Yusuf; Idris; Harun and Musa, peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all.

On The Seventh Heaven, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) saw "Al-Baytil-Mamur" - A Building That Is Identical Of The Holy Kaābah in Makkah, And Is Situated Exactly On Top Of The Earthly Kaābah. At Any Given Time There Are 70,000 Angels Making Tawaf Around It, A Practice That Will Last Till The End Of Time. Insha Allah.

There, Prophet (SAW) met and exchanged greetings with his father and the friend of Allah (SWT), Ibrahim (AS).

At Al-Baytil-Mamur, Prophet (SAW) was offered a cup of wine and a cup of milk and was asked to choose between the two. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) chose milk and at this Jibrail (AS) remarked that Prophet (SAW) had chosen "fitra" nature, over artificial and thus he and his followers will be on the natural religion of Islam.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Witnessed The Magnificence Of Paradise Which Is Promised To The Followers Of Truth. He (SAW) Was Also Shown Hellfire And The Horrific Tortures Which Await Those Who Perpetrate Corruption On Earth. He (SAW) related to us the tortures specific to some crimes such as backbiting, adultery, usurping the money of orphans and eating riba; things that we commonly indulge in and need to be warned against in strictest words.

Finally, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ascended To "Sidrat Ul Muntaha" The Boundary Beyond Which No One Can Cross. At This Point, Angel Jibrail (AS) Parted From Prophet Muhammad (SAW) And He (SAW) Went On Alone To Meet His Lord Allah (SWT).

It is not known in which form the Prophet (SAW) beheld Allah (SWT). There is speculation on whether Prophet (SAW) saw Allah (SWT) in His true form or whether he saw the light of Allah (SWT). However, such details do not make a difference in the overall lesson and wisdom that we can gain from Isra and Miāraj.

What Is Important However Is That During This Meeting, The Ummah Of Muhammad (SAW) Was Given Gifts (including Salah) Of Mercy Previously Unknown To Any Nation.

We must remember that things such as physics, dimensions, space, time and distance are creations of Allah (SWT) and by His Supreme command all these laws can be changed and suspended. Isra and Miāraj transcended all these concepts as we understand them on earth. Therefore, The Majority Of Islamic Scholars Believe That This Journey Happened Physically, With The Body And Soul Of The Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Contributed by:

Alhaj Qirat Lahoree
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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