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Miraculous Pictures

Pictures are graphical way of expressing ideas, sentiments and feelings.

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Miraculous Pictures
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Name of Allah on tree branches.

Name of Allah on cactus plant.

Trees in a row depicts complete Kalma. (Allah-o-Akbar)

Kalma Tayyaba on tree branches.

Kalma Tayyaba on grosshopper.

Tree shows the ruku (bow to God).

Name of Allah on ocean as seen from Apollo-11.

Allah on ocean waves

Name of Allah formed by clouds.

Names of Allah and Muhammad (His last messenger) as seen on moon.

Name of Allah on bee-hive.

Name of Allah on bee-hive. (another proof)

Allah on fish

Allah on cow

Name of Allah on lamb.

Name of Allah on goat.

Name of Allah on a piece of meat.

Name of Allah on tomato.

Name of Allah on eggplant when cut into slices

Name of Allah on a piece of watermelon.

Name of Allah on chapatti (loaf of bread)

Name of Allah on bean.

Name of Allah depicts on a newborn's ear shape.

Human Body testifies the devine truth. Kalma as seen on human lungs artries.

Islamic calligraphy on pots

Allah carving on watermelon

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