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There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the prophet of God.


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Whoever Allah wishes to guide, He opens his heart to Islam. (Al-Qur'an, 6:125)

wazu-lazmiDear Brothers & Sisters in Islam

Assalam-O-Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah-e-Wa Barakatuhoo


  Let's share some Realities of Islam: 

  • Why is it so hard to tell the truth but yet so easy to tell a lie?

  • Why are we so sleepy in mosque but right when the prayer is over, we suddenly wake up?

  • Why are the mosque's getting smaller, but yet the dance clubs are getting larger?

  • Why is it so hard to talk about Allah but yet so easy to talk about nasty stuff?

  • Why is it so boring to look at a Islamic Article but yet so easy to look at a nasty one?

  • Why is it so easy to delete a Godly message but yet we forward all of the nasty ones?

Do you give up? Think about it ....

As we look at this article we realize how true the Messenger (PBUH) was when these signs were prophesized 1500 years ago!!!


  Take a look.... Now this is scary!!!! 

  • Camels will no longer be used as a means of transport;

  • People will ride on saddles that aren't saddles (cars?)

  • The distance on earth will become short;

  • Horses will not be used in wars;

  • Muslims will defeat the Byzantines which will end with the conquest of Constantinople;

  • The Jews will gather again to live in Bilad Canaan;

  • Very tall buildings will be built;

  • The disappearance of knowledge and the appearance of ignorance, with much killing;

  • Adultery will become widespread, and the drinking of wine will become common;

  • The number of men will decrease and the number of women will increase until there are 50 women to be looked after by one man.

  • Islam will become worn out like clothes are, until no one will know what fasting, prayer, charity and rituals are;

  • Allah will send a disease to fornicators that will have no cure (AIDS?);

  • People will begin to believe in the stars and reject "Al-Qadar"

  The Divine Decree of Destiny 

  • Men will pass by people's graves and say: "Would that I were in his place"; (large amount of suicidal deaths?)

  • The Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold for which people will fight over (river of Alfurat near Syria);

  • Two large groups of people will fight one another, and there will be many casualties; they will both be following the same religion (World War III);

  • Approximately 30 Dajjals will appear, each one claiming to be the messenger of ALLAH;

  • Earthquakes will increase;

  • Time will pass quickly;

  • Afflictions will appear;

  • Killing will increase;

  • Wealth will increase;

  • Women will be wearing clothes but not wearing clothes

  The Prophet (SAW) said: 

If my Ummah bears 15 traits, tribulation will follow it. (Day of Judgment).

Someone asked, What are they O' Messenger of Allah? He (SAW) said:  

  • When any gain is shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to the poor;

  • When a trust becomes a means of making profit;

  • When paying Zakat becomes a burden;

  • When voices are raised in the mosque;

  • When the leader of a people is the worst of them;

  • When people treat a man with respect because what he may do;

  • When much wine is drunk;

  • Red wind or the earth swallow them, or to be transformed into animals."

 The Prophet (SAW) said: 

Some people of this Ummah will be swallowed by the Earth, Transformed into Animals, and some will be Bombarded with Stones.

One of the Muslims asked, When will that be O' Messenger of Allah? He (SAW) said, "When singers and musical instruments will become popular, and much wine is drunk"


  The Greatest Signs of the Hour  

The Quran will disappear in one night, even from the people's hearts, and no Ayyah will be left on earth.

Some groups of old people will be left who will say: "We heard our fathers' saying "LAILLAHA ILLA ALLAH" (so we repeat it here)  

  • The appearance of the Mahdi;

  • The appearance of the Dajjal (Anti Christ);

  • The appearance of Ya'juj and Ma'juj (biblical Gog and Magog);

  • Isa (Jesus) will come during the time of Dajjal;

  • The rising of the sun from the west;

  • The destruction of the Ka'ba and the recovery of its treasures; The smoke.

Read complete 50 signs of Qiyamat

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All praise is due to Allah alone!


Any good is from Allah and any wrong is from ourselves, and we ask Allah to forgive our sins with His infinite mercy, Ameen!


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