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Timeline of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

There is no God but Allah, Muhammad (SAW) is the prophet of God.


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Whoever Allah wishes to guide, He opens his heart to Islam. (Al-Qur'an, 6:125)

  Timeline of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Important dates and locations in his life...

 Before Vahee  (Revelation of Qur'an)

c. 569   Death of his father, 'Abd Allah'; Before Holy Birth

c. 570   Possible date of birth, April 20: Mecca

c. 576   Death of Mother Bibi Amena; 6th year after Birth

c. 578   Death of Grandfather Abu Mutalib; 8th year after Birth

c. 583   First business trip towards Syria; 13th year after Birth 

c. 585   Participation in Harb-e-Fajar (battle for Kabba's Hurmat); 15th year after Birth

c. 593   Second business trip (with Mehsra slave of Bibi Khateeja RA); 23rd year after Birth

c. 595   Meets and marries Khadijah (RA); 25th year after Birth

c. 605   Resolved tribe conflicts (fixing of Hajr-e-Asvad); 35th year after Birth

c. 606   Starting to go to Cave Hira; 36th year after Birth

c. 610   First reports of Qur'anic revelation (Vahee); 40th year after Birth

 After Vahee  (Revelation of Qur'an)

c. 610   Appears as Prophet of Islam

c. muhammad613   Begins spreading message of Islam publicly

c. 614   Begins to gather following in Mecca

c. 615   Emigration of Muslims to Ethiopia

c. 616   Banu Hashim clan boycott begins

c. 618   Medinan Civil War

c. 619   Banu Hashim clan boycott ends

c. 619   The year of sorrows: Khadijah and Abu Talib die

c. 620   Isra and Mairaj

c. 622   Emigrates to Medina (Hijra)

c. 624   Battle of Badr: Muslims defeat Meccans

c. 624   Expulsion of Banu Qaynuqa

c. 625   Battle of Uhud: Meccans defeat Muslims

c. 625   Expulsion of Banu Nadir

c. 626   Attack on Dumat al-Jandal (Syria)

c. 627   Battle of the Trench

c. 627   Destruction of Banu Qurayza

c. 627   Subjugation of Dumat al-Jandal

c. 628   Treaty of Hudaybiyya

c. 628   Gains access to Meccan shrine Kaaba

c. 628   Conquest of the Khaybar oasis

c. 629   First hajj pilgrimage

c. 629   Attack on Byzantine empire fails: Battle of Mu'tah

c. 630   Attacks and bloodlessly captures Mecca

c. 630   Battle of Hunayn

c. 630   Siege of Taif

c. 630   Conquest of Mecca

c. 631   Rules most of the Arabian peninsula

c. 632   Attacks the Ghassanids: Tabuk

c. 632   Farewell hajj pilgrimage

c. 632   Death (June 8): Medina


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