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 He&She Marriage Bureau for Disabled

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We are pioneer in Pakistan, providing free online matrimonial services to PWDs

Since Jan 2007

Just because you are in a wheelchair doesn't mean you can't enjoy the variety of life.       

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Marriage Service has been closed permanently. Sorry!

Please search elsewhere. Good Luck!

Sometimes people don't notice the things we do for them, until we stop doing it.

Project started on January 01, 2007 and closed on August 14, 2016

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   Sorry you go...   

You lose your 'dream partner'


Remember; fortune never knocked the door twice.



Ikhlaq Ahmad, R.A Bazar, Lahore

M. Afaq Shaikh, DHA Phase-1, Karachi

Akhtar Zaman Bhatti, Hafizabad

Abdul Ghafoor Jamali, Karachi

Ameer Ahmad, Muzaffargarh

Faraz Oliya, F.B. Area, Karachi
Amina Soomro, Islamabad


Out of Reach

Amina Aslam, Walton, Lahore

Kiran Zahoor, Sant Nagar, Lahore

Humayun Bashir, Town Ship, Lahore

Mazhar Abbas Jaffery, Sector-V, Islamabad

Zia Ullah Shah, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir
Muhamad Iqbal, Bund Road, Lahore
Faizan Zahid, Johar Town, Lahore
Syed Ali Abbas, Farid Town, Sahiwal






 Normal  Normal Amputee (Leg} Amputee Arm (Polio) Muscular Dystrophy

Ikhlaq Ahmad
R.A Bazar, Lahore

M. Afaq Shaikh
DHA Phase-1, Karachi

Akhtar Zaman Bhatti

Abdul Ghafoor Jamali

Ameer Ahmad

Status: Denied

Status: Denied

Status: Denied

Status: Denied

Status: Denied




Normal Sever Scoliosis by birth    

Faraz Oliya
F.B. Area, Karachi

Amina Soomro


Status: Denied

Status: Denied



:: Out of Reach ::







Polio Polio Polio  Normal  Normal

Amina Aslam
Walton, Lahore

Kiran Zahoor
Sant Nagar, Lahore

Humayun Bashir
Town Ship, Lahore

Mazhar Abbas Jaffery
Sector-V, Islamabad

Zia Ullah Shah
Mirpur, Azad Kashmir

Status:: No Contact

Status:: No Contact

Status:: No Contact

Status:: No Contact

Status:: No Contact




 Normal Deaf-n-Dumb Deaf-n-Dumb

Muhamad Iqbal
Bund Road, Lahore

Faizan Zahid
Johar Town, Lahore

Syed Ali Abbas
Farid Town, Sahiwal

Status:: No Contact

Status:: No Contact

Status:: No Contact



For easy access, available listings is divided into three individual categories. Normal, Local, National

Our Ambition

Itís our utmost duty and task to facilitate the PWDs and less-privileged in getting married.. We are offering free service for both; male and female PWDs without any discrimination.

Join hands to help this noble cause by recommending/introducing this site to eligible PWDs, looking for their dream partner.

Let's help someone who is not as fortunate as we are!

Dual Compensation

Save two lives by compensating each other. We suggest you to marry with a person having different (not the same) type of disability. [see category legend below]  We highly appreciate Normal men in getting married with Disable women.

Category Legend

Wheelchair User


Other Deformities

Visually Impaired (Blind)

Hearing Impaired (Deaf)

Speaking Impaired (Dumb)

Mentally Impaired

Please Note

A marriage tie between a PWD (Person With Disability) and a normal person or vice versa, is not an easy task. There are certain hurdles and criticism in the society which we have to face boldly. So, It may take several months to find out a best proposal for you. Kindly stay relaxed and hope for the better;
  we are seeking! 

  Be patient and courageous.
The world is waiting and there are endless possibilities.
 Insha Allah!

Be proud of who you are,
it's OK to be different.

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