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Computers are like air conditioners, they stop working properly if you open Windows.

  Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all. (John F. Kennedy)

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Software that turns your work into pleasure   
We highly recommend these software

» Desktop Clock
» FantaMorph Pro 2.5
» Flash Savor
» FlipAlbum-5.5
» FreeMem Professional
» Inzomia Viwer
» Media Resizer
» MovieTrack
» Mousotron Pro
» NoteTab Lite
» PDF Generator
» Rainy ScreenSavor
» Registry Genius
» RegSupreme Pro 1.1
» StyleXP v.3.18
» SV Bookmark
» Texefex



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  Popular Pick 

Ashampoo MegicalDefrag rearrange all of your fragmented files and stores them together so that Windows can find them quickly and efficiently. It's a maintenance tool that works automatically in the background and you can continue your work without interference. Install and forget, let the program do the rest. A real blessing to your system from Germany. Download Free Trial

  Arranged Alphabetically  

Desktop Clock
is a digital desktop clock that displays time, date, calendar and week numbers. It's a pretty tool that sits on desktop and decorate the environement with its changeable colour scheme, and animated interface. It's highly customizable according to your taste and habit, yet very easy and self-explanatory program. As well as local time, one can set three different time zones (with different colours)  to display on the screen simultaneously . Multilingual and multi-skin support is available. A timer is included to schedule your computer shut down. Excellent! 

   OS: Windows All    Size: 1.03 MB        License Type: Shareware  

FantaMorph Pro v 2.5
Image morphing is a visualization technique to create a movie by processing a sequence of intermediate images with special effects. FantaMorph supports various image formats and movies may be saved as AVI, Animated GIF, SWF, and HTML. Crop, rotate, flip, and a variety of effects included plus much more. This morphing software is a collection of wonders. Samples

   OS: Windows All    Size: 4.99 MB       License Type: Shareware   

Flash Savor 4.0
is designed to fulfill your requirement of saving Flash animations from web browser to your hard disk. Now you have 5 easy ways to save any Flash files in a web page. Moreover, you can classify downloaded Flash animations into different categories like Game, Cartoon, MTV, Fun, etc.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 1.15 MB        License Type: Shareware  

FlipAlbum-5.5 Standard®
allows users to instantly create a digital photo album or catalog with 3D Page-Flipping interface yet, unbelieveble features; like drag & drop images, annotations, background music, movie clips, slideshow, bookmarks, built-in picture editor, effects, picture frames, themes and much much more. Complete Overview

   OS: Windows All    Size: 14.6 MB        License Type: Shareware  

FreeMem Professional
is the first tool to really solve the problems of Windows memory management. By allocating a large amount of RAM all unneeded parts of RAM are written to the swap file. FreeMem Pro gives back the RAM to Windows. FreeMem Pro offers a variety of sophisticated features which ensure that your RAM is used with greatest efficiency.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 392 KB        License Type: Shareware   

Inzomia Viewer v.2.30
is a small and powerful viewer designed for displaying images, and to do that in the best possible way. Features included Print images, Transitions, Quick hide, Quick browse, View images in compressed zip files, Smooth filtered zoom and panning, Rotate images , Fullscreen view and Slideshows. Drag-n-drop feature of favourite images to playlist and to image window has been recently added. World's #1 image viewer. Try it and say WOW!

   OS: Windows All    Size: 758 KB        License Type: Shareware   

Media Resizer  v.1.12
This powerful and flexible, yet easy to use utility will help you to resize thousands of your pictures. Media Resizer quickly and easily prepares your image collections to be published on the web. It supports both Image and Video Formats that gives you a wide variety of ways to create the coolest thumbnails! Try it now!

   OS: Windows All    Size: 1.15 MB        License Type: Shareware   

MovieTrack  v.3.15
is  based on a console application to keep track of your movies quickly and efficiently. Movie information may be directly retrieve from Internet Movie Database (IMDb) via Internet. Built-in browser for easy access. Import and export movie list. Skinable. No compromise, must have!

   OS: Windows All    Size: 557 KB        License Type: Freeware   

Mousotron Pro v4.6
keeps track of how much you move or click (left, right, middle and double clicks) of your mouse. It saves distance history (in miles or kilometers) your mouse travels on your screen. Also displays number of keystrokes and measuring time. Background gradient colours and transparent effects. No extra DLL's required. Statistical data may be uploaded on the software website.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 745 KB        License Type: Freeware   

NoteTab Lite
is a multi-functional simple text editor yet professional program to cover large tasks regarding simple text to HTML codes. This easy and self-explanatory program does all in almost seconds. Some top of the list features include; Paste Board, Join & Split Lines, Support for Multi-file format, Open, navigate and edit many documents at once with Coloured tabs, Open File at Cursor, Delete document from disk, Audio Support, Auto Save, Backups, Word Wrap, Multi-level Undo, Auto Scroll and much much more. Built-in Libraries and Glossary are worth to honour. Uses less RAM and CPU resources.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 1.37 MB        License Type: Freeware   

PDF Generator v1.10
is a virtual printer driver, there will be a new printer (not a real printer but works like a printer) in your system, after the installation. When you want to convert documents to PDF, just choose the PDF Generator in your printer list and set the desired properties, then print. PDF Generator will receive the printing commands and convert them in the PDF format.

   OS: Windows 2000 & XP    Size: 605 KB        License Type: Shareware   

Rainy ScreenSaver
enables you to enjoy the real rain phenomenon on your screen even in the dry weather. Fully customizable features include adjustments in rain speed & direction and wind force & direction. Lightening bolt effect with customizable colours. Sound effects for rain and lightening has been recently added.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 681 KB        License Type: Shareware   

is a professional instrument for PC health and optimization. Cleans and optimizes  registry and fixes PC errors. Its basic features include: high-performance scan, deletes empty registry keys, junk files cleaner, clean history records, prevent application crashes and load windows faster, removes Invalid dll entries, organizes Windows startup items, add/remove program manager, mranage IE handler and regain disk space. Unlimited free technical support and auto updated.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 1.02 MB        License Type: Shareware   

RegSupreme Pro 1.1
is a system tool to clean obsolete Registry entries with great security and stability. Additionally, find and remove hidden traces of installed software, manage programs to start with Windows, uninstall or remove software, remove unneeded file types and shell extensions, and automatic repair of found problems and much more. Backup feature supported.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 856 KB        License Type: Shareware   

StyleXP v.3.18
is a professional tool, which supports many features like; Themes, Visual Styles, Backgrounds, Icons, Cursors, Boot Screens, Logon Screens and even Transparencies within a single platform. It offers many choices and options, has colorful interface with easy and self-explanatory features. It applies changes in realtime, without reboot. No doubt, it fills color in life. Excellent!

   OS: Windows All    Size: 4.93 MB (without Themes)     License Type: Shareware   

SV Bookmark v.2.6
is a visual bookmark manager that allows you to associate screenshots of a web site with each entry. Hovering your mouse over an entry displays a small popup screenshot of that site, making it easy to remember the content. You can quickly add new bookmarks and also organize them into custom categories. SV Bookmark is browser-independent and easily works with all popular browsers. Excellent!

   OS: Windows All    Size: 3.52 MB      License Type: Shareware   

Texefex v 1.8
create gradient text effects (Rainbow mode / Custom Color / Random Mode) in your documents or WebPages. Create special Text Effects in RTF Rich Text Format) or HTML output. Also usable in Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and other applications. Texefex is an awesome program. Now images can be converted to text formation. Check out some examples here.

   OS: Windows All    Size: 738 KB        License Type: Freeware   

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The first hard drive, made by IBM in 1956, was as big as two refrigerators and could store an impressive 5 MB of data.

IBM introduces its first Personal Computer, IBM 5250 on August 12, 1981.

Long before the iPhone, the IBM Simon was released in 1994. Known as the first smartphone, it was the first phone with PDA and telephone features in one device.

The first mouse was invented by Douglas Engelbart in 1963. It was a wooden shell with two metal wheels.

Worldwide Web (WWW) was introduced by Tim Burner Lee on August 6, 1991

"Archie" was the first Search Engine created in 1989 by a computer science student; Alan Emtage. Google was launched to the world 8 years later in 1997.

In 1965, E.A Johonson developed the world's first touch screen. The technology was similar to today's smartphones, but could only read one touch at a time.

Tic Tac Toe (OXO, also known as "Noughts And Crosses") was the first graphical computer game. It was programmed by A.S. Douglas in 1952 during his Ph.D in Cambridge University.

Fact: 90% of world computers run Microsoft Windows as their operating system.

Computer Jokes

An Intel PC has four protection modes: Abort, Retry, Fail and Reboot.

Old software engineers never die, they just logout.

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40% of school students are unable to read English

60% of college students are unable to understand English

70% of university students are unable to speak English

85% of working professionals are unable to give proper presentation

90% of applicants are unable to write CVs and give interview

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