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Synopsis of Pakistan


Country Name:

Islamic Republic of Pakistan  




Five (Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoonkhawah formerly NWFP, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan)

Independent on:

Thursday, August 14, 1947 (from Great Britain) - 27th Ramzan-ul-Mubarak

Father of the Nation:

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah A digital picture of Quaid-e-Azam

Government Type:

Federal Republic based on Parliamentary Democracy

State Religion:


Chief of State:

Mamnoon Hussain History of Pakistani Presidents

Prime Minister:

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif History of Pakistani Prime Ministers

  National Specialties:

National Poet:

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Name Founder:

Coined by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, founder of the Pakistan National Movement.

National Dress:

Shalwar, Qamiz, Sherwani, Jinnah Cap.

National Game:


National Flower:

Jasmine (Jasminum) see picture

National Tree:

Cedar (Devdar) see picture

National Bird:

Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris graeca) - Chakor

National Awards:

List of Civil and Militry Awards

National Anthem:

Written by Hafeez Jalandhri and Composed by Ghulam Muhammad Chhagla. details
Listen National Anthem

National Flag:

Green with a vertical white band (symbolizing the role of religious minorities) on the hoist side; a large white crescent and star are centered in the green field; the crescent, star, and green color are traditional symbols of Islam. The flag was prepared by Ameer-ud-Din Qidwai. more about Pakistani Flag  | Description, Size and Usage

National Constitution:

12 April 1973; suspended 5 July 1977, restored with amendments 30 December 1985;
suspended 15 October 1999, restored in stages in 2002; amended 31 December 2003

  Land & Geopolitics:


Southern Asia, bordering the Arabian Sea, between India on the East and Iran and Afghanistan on the West and China in the North.

Geo Coordinates:

30 00 N, 70 00 E


803,940 Square Kilometers. (land: 778,720 sq km, water: 25,220 sq km)

Land Boundaries:

Total: 6,774 km (Afghanistan 2,430 km, China 523 km, India 2,912 km, Iran 909 km)


Flat Indus plain in East; mountains in North and Northwest; Balochistan plateau in West.


1,046 km

  Weather & Climate:


Mostly hot, dry desert; temperate in northwest; arctic in North.


Ranges from 57 F (14 C) to 4 F (-20 C) Weather History of Pakistan

Time Zone:

5 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (+5 GMT).

Natural Hazards:

Frequent earthquakes, esp. in North and West;
flooding along the Indus after heavy rains (in Jul to Aug)

  Religions & Linguistics:


Muslim 97% (Sunni 77%, Shi’a 20%), Christian, Hindu, and other 3%.

Ethnic Groups:

Punjabi (48%), Sindhi (12%), Siraiki (10%), Pashtun, Baloch, Muhajir (30%)

Literacy Rates:

Total population: 45.7%  male: 59.8% female: 30.6% (2003 est.)
List of Universities and Colleges in Pakistan

Educational Boards:

Federal Board , Lahore Board, Rawalpindi Board , Gujranwala Board , Sargodha Board ,
Multan Board , Peshawar Board


Punjabi 48%, Sindhi 12%, Siraiki 10%, Pashtu 8%, Urdu (official) 8%, Balochi 3%,
Hindko 2%, Brahui 1%, English, Burushaski, and other 8%

  Population & Rate:


165,803,560 (July 2006 est.)

Pop. Growth Rate:

2.09% (2006 est.)  

Total fertility rate:

4 children born/woman (2006 est.)

Birth Rate:

29.74 births/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Death Rate:

8.23 deaths/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Life Expectancy:

Total population: 63.39 years  male: 62.4 years, female: 64.44 years (2006 est.)


18 years of age; universal; separate electorates and reserved parliamentary seats for non-Muslims.

  Economy & Resources:


Revenues: $15.45 billion, Expenditures: $20.07 billion (2005)


Purchasing power parity: $395.2 billion,  Per capita: $2,400 (2005 est.)

Imports and Exports:

Exports: $14.85 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.)  Imports: $21.26 billion f.o.b. (2005 est.)


Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

Exchange Rate:

Pakistani rupees per US dollar - 60.30 (October 2006)

Natural Resources:

Land, natural gas, limited petroleum, iron ore, copper, salt, limestone, marble, chromite and precious stones.

Labor Force:

46.84 million (agriculture 42%, industry 20%, services 38%) (2004 est.)

  Public Services:


5,277,500 (2005) Pakistan Telecommunication Limited  PTCL

Mobile cellular:

12.771 million (2005)

Post Offices:

12,854 (1999-2000) Pakistan Post | First Postage Stamps of Pakistan

Medical facilities:

Hospitals: 876, Dispensaries: 4635, Doctors: 91823, Dentists: 4175, Nurses: 37623

Radio Stations:

AM 27, FM 1, shortwave 21 (1998) Radio Pakistan |  FM-100

Television Stations:

22 (plus 7 low-power repeaters) (1997) Pakistan Television PTV | Geo TV | ATV | ARY Digital

Country Domain:


Internet Users:

10.5 million, Internet Hosts: 38,309 (2005)

Internet con. Cities:

Punjab (613), Sindh (138), NWFP (240), Balochistan (91). Total: 1082


Total: 8,163 km (Broad gauge: 7,718 km 1.676-m gauge (293 km electrified)
narrow gauge: 445 km 1.000-m gauge (2004)


Total: 255,856 km (paved: 157,975 km (incl. 367 km of expressways), unpaved: 97,881 km (2004)


Karachi, Port Muhammad Bin Qasim

Merchant Marines:

16 ships (bulk carrier 1, cargo 10, container 1, petroleum tanker 4) (2006)

Airports& Flag Carrier

Total: 139  Paved runways: 91, Unpaved runways: 48 (2006) Pakistan International Airlines


18 (2006)

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  First Postage Stamps of Pakistan

Youn di hamein azadi ke dunia huee hairan
Aey Quaide-Azam tera ehsan hai ehsan!

 Earthquake Pakistan 2005 (Worse than Asian Tsunami)

Earthquake Pakistan Oct  8, 2005
Estimated Deaths: (official)  80,361  at least

As you grow older, you'll discover that you have two hands:
One for helping yourself, the second for helping others.

Earthquake emblem
created by ajmalbeig

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¿ Written by Hafeez Jalandhri (he spent 6 months to complete this masterpiece, contains 15 lines), Composed by Gulam Muhammad Chhagla (he used 21 devices and 38 instruments to complete this composition. The anthem is in chorus and sung by Shamim Bano, Kokab Jahan, Rasheeda Begum, Anjum Ara, Nasima Shaheen, Ahmed Rushdi, Zawar Hussain, Akhtar Abbas, Ghulam Dastagir, Anver Zaheer and Akhtar Wasi Ali).

The End

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