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"Kashmir is the Jugular vein of Pakistan and no nation or country would tolerate its Jugular vein remains under the sword of the enemy." [Quaid-e-Azam]


Jammu and Kashmīr, territory in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Commonly known as Kashmīr. Both India and Pakistan claim all of Kashmīr, but the territory has been partitioned since 1947. India controls most of the region, which it has organized as the state of Jammu and Kashmīr. The capital of the Indian portion is Srīnagar. Pakistan administers the northwestern portion as Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The administrative center of the Pakistani portion is Muzaffarābād.

Kashmīr is almost entirely mountainous, including the great mountains of the Karakorum Range in the north. The Indus River flows through the region. Most of the population is engaged in agriculture; the principal crops are rice, corn, wheat, and oilseeds. Silk weaving and carpet weaving are major industries. The majority of the population is Muslim, and there are Hindu, Sikh, and Buddhist minorities.

History: Kashmīr was originally a stronghold of Hinduism. Beginning in the mid-14th century AD, Muslim sultans controlled the area for two centuries. Mughal emperor Akbar conquered Kashmīr between 1586 and 1592 AD. It later was controlled by Afghans, Sikhs, and the British. Following the 1947 partition of India into Pakistan and the Republic of India, a small portion of the predominantly Muslim population of Kashmīr demanded accession to Pakistan, a Muslim state. Pakistan invaded the area, and India dispatched troops to Kashmīr. A cease-fire agreement between the two nations was concluded in 1949. Fighting broke out in 1965 and 1971.

Location: It is situated in the heart of South-Central Asia and shares its borders with Afghanistan, China, Hindustan and Pakistan. A small strip of Wakhan seperates it from Tajikistan.

Area: The territory covers an area of 222,236 sq km (85,805 sq mi). It is larger than 70 other independent countries in area. Nearly two-third of its territory is under the occupation of Hindustan.

Population: 13 million, including 1 million refugees in Pakistan and million living in other parts of the world. It is thus bigger in size than 96 sovereign countries of the world.

Political Status: Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed territory within the meaning of international law. While its future status was yet to be determined, Hindustani forces invaded the territory on October 27, 1947 and obtained temporary accesion of the state from its autocratic ruler while at the same time promising the Kashmiri people as well as the United Nations that the future status of the territory would be determined by its people. These commitments incorporated subsequently into the United Nations resolutions of August 13, 1948 and January 5, 1949 stipulate that the future status of the state shall be decided through a free and fair plebiscite held under the auspices of the U.N. Read India's Commitments on Kashmir

Solution: The international community in general and the U.N. in particular should use all their moral, economic and diplomatic influence in order to:

  • Stop forthwith the ongoing genocide of the innocent Kashmiri people.

  • Obtain a speedy withdrawal of over 700.000 Hindustani occupation forces from
    the territory.

  • Induct the United Nations Plebiscite Administrator.

  • Secure the earliest holding of the plebiscite within the terms of the U.N. resolutions.

Earthquake Pakistan 2005 (Worse than Asian Tsunami)


Earthquake Pakistan Oct  8, 2005
Estimated Deaths: (official)  80,361  at least

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