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Life is a comedy for those who think, and tragedy for those who feel.




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Hello! My full name is Mohammad Ajmal Beig Naz (ajmalbeig) from Lahore, Pakistan, running a small but dignified home-based Computer Training Institute. Also providing other computer related services. I love teaching and web designing. Below is my multi-dimensional profile & lifestyle to share with you. However it's little bit different from a conventional resume.


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Personal Profile:

Given Name: Muhammad Ajmal Beig

Pen Name: Naz

Internet/Web ID: ajmalbeig

piscesDate & Time of Birth: Monday, March 1, 1954 3:30 pm (26 Jumada-al-Sani 1373 AH)

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Religion: Islam "La ilaha illalla ho Muhammadur Rasool Allah"

Homeland: Pakistan (Islami Jamhuriya-e-Pakistan) map of Pakistan

Ethnic Origin: Asian (Pakistani)

Cast: Mughal Kashmiri

Ancestral Line: Beig (a Turkish word equivalent to English word "Lord")

Home-province - Punjab

Home-district: Lahore | map of Lahore

Home-city & Birthplace: Lahore |  Lahore in pictures

Blood Group: A +ve

Siblings: 3 younger brothers (no sister)

Occupation: Running a home-based Computer Training Institute

Persona: Kind-hearted, Honest, Sincere, Sensitive, Gentle, Tender and Romantic

Physical Status: Wheelchair user  Read Medical History

Personal Conveyance: Invacare Nutron R51 Power Wheelchair

Marital Status: Married

Kids: No

Pets: No

Hair & Eyes Colour: Brownish-black

Complexion: Fair

Height: 170 cm (5'.7")

Weight: 80+ kg (176 lbs)

Dress: Shalwar, Qamiz (Pakistan's National Dress)

Lucky Colours: Red, Yellow, Purple

Smoking: Never

Drinking: Never (Prohibited in my religion-Islam)

Languages: Urdu, English, Punjabi

Hobbies & Interests: click here

Favourites: click here

Currently working as...

Principal, Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute Jump to website

President, He&She Free Online Marriage Bureau for Disabled Jump to website

Executive Editor, Bi-lingual Monthly Magazine "Voice of Specials" Jump to website

Project Designer & Webmaster, Bibi Jan Free Sewing Center Jump to website

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Two most memorable events in my life...


When I lost my ability to walk on Sunday April 12, 1970 How?


When I got married on Sunday August 20, 1982

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This site is dedicated to...
 A Great Iron Lady
My soul mate, my spouse

  My heart beats with her 

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