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Books on Credit

Projects on Credit

Selected Urdu Work

Books on Credit: (Full Coverage)

 Numa-e-Gham - Urdu Poetry

some selected work

Majburi Kay Gunah - Urdu Social & Romantic Novel

 Ganjeena-e-Nasr - Urdu Collection

some selected work

 Computer & Internet Essentials - Basics for beginners

 Tips & Tricks - Windows, Office & Internet

some bonus tips

 World FAQ - 1000+ Frequently Asked Questions worldwide

He & She -  A sex guide for both (Adults Only)

Selected Urdu Work (within this website) 

Asli Ghar


Basant, Patang & Bahar

Roshni Ke Minar

Prose Section

Poetry Section

Ekk nikki jai nazam (Punjabi)

Zaroorat Rishta

Kiya Mazoori Aik Roag Hai

Mazoori Aur Shadi

Projects on Credit:

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Markaz Al-Shifa (Regd.)  

Rafiq Traders

Graphic Arts (promo)

Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute -new (business site)

Islam - World's Fastest Growing Religion (Religious project)

Beig Family Site  (family project)

Bibi Jan Free Sewing Center (family project)

Institute for the Physically Handicap Children (donated)

He&She Free Online Marriage Bureau For Disabled (donated)

Voice of Specials (donated)

Home Sweet Home of ajmalbeig

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