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Thank you for being here to explore my career, I'm currently in. Well, but a background first...

Talent Club   

It's a long ago, when I was engaged in literary work whole-heartily and wrote poetry and prose on various aspects. My articles were published in newspapers and magazines from time to time. As a part of literary interest, I was engaged with various literary clubs & organizations and took active part in their activities on broad spectrum. All in the first, I passionately joined Talent Club, Lahore, chaired by Dr. Yaseen Rizvi (now late) who published my first Urdu poetry book Numa-e-Gham; inaugurated at Dean's Hotel, Peshawar on June 30, 1981. Earlier, I was declared the first "Talented Member and "First Award Member" of the Talent Club. Read all about Talent Club, Lahore

As a matter of fact, the literary activities gradually become lighter when I was offered a job in a seminar at Hotel Flatti's, Lahore on December 29, 1981, where I was invited to read a paper entitled Kiya Mazoori Aik Roag Hai?*. The seminar was conducted in relevance to 1981-International Year for the Disabled Persons embraced by the United Nations and well-echoed globally. This seminar was organized under the banner of Anjuman-e-Bahali-e-Mazooran, Lahore chaired by Mr. Jamshaid Pirzada and presided over by Mr. Zakir Hussain Qureshi Provincial Minister for Social Welfare and Religious Affairs, Punjab.

Broadcasted same evening on Radio Pakistan Lahore Channel-2.

Mussarat Piracha's Girls High School 

With great enthusiasm, I joined the offered job as PRO (Public Relation Officer) on January 4, 1982 at Mussarat Piracha's Girls High School - a well-nourished private institute, established in 1977 and run by Mrs. Mussarat Jaffery nee Piracha in the area of Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. While in August 1982, I got married and all of my amateur literary devotions converted into professional activities to earn a better living. However my multi-dimensional interests and hobbies continues thereinafter.

While my literary thirst well quenched at school platform, where I done a great creative work and wrote speeches, compositions, dramas, scripts, parodies, poems and also manage quizzes on various national and religious occasions. I also unveiled, polished and proved my designing capabilities and other talents by giving extra time even after school hours. While I got computer training well beside my service in late afternoons, my medical problem get worse and worst due to long sittings without rest which developed pressure sores. At last, in the capacity of Manager, I resigned on medical grounds heavy-heartily after a service of 18+ years without claiming any retirement benefits. Thus my multi-natured activities converted to my newly established Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute. Read all about Mussarat Piracha's School

  Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute

After some sustainable recovery, I established a home-based setup; Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute on July 1, 1999 and engaged myself in computer activities like; Graphic Designing and Computer Training and all of my multi-natured activities are focused on it. Seeking my sole ambition in mind, to transfer my multi-dimensional abilities and computer skills to the new generation, I  innovated Computer Literacy Program in year 2000 on the occurrence of new millennium. Since then With great pride, Im providing state-of-the-art and unmatchable professional training facilities and discounts to PWDs (Persons With Disabilities) with wheelchair access at my Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute, located at Sanda Kalan, Lahore, Pakistan.

In the field of literature and passion to work for the rehabilitation of PWDs, currently I'm engaged whole heartily with following two projects:

He&She Online Marriage Bureau for Disabled

To address the most neglected issue of the PWDs - the marriage, I launched a free online matrimonial service for PWDs on January 1, 2007 with the association of my wife and a group of  sincere people. We also offer counseling, guidelines and aid-in-material, where needed. We encourage normal persons (either sex) in getting married with PWDs; as well as  marriage of two PWDs having different type of disability enlightened as "dual compensation". Online registration is totally free and there are no hidden charges before or after marriage. We say, If you are a PWD, you still have the right in getting married. Register yourself and see our listings at He&She Online Marriage Bureau for Disables. I'm Founder President of this noble project.

Voice of Specials

"Voice of Specials" is a bi-lingual monthly magazine (ABC Certified) publishing from Lahore for PWDs (Persons With Disabilities) by the PWDs. I'm among the founders of this magazine and currently working in the capacity of Executive Editor (Hon). In good sense; to promote the voice of PWDs, highlight their problems on a broad spectrum and to join hands with other NGOs, I designed and launched the official website of Voice of Specials on November 7, 2007 and sponsoring the same constantly. First publication of VOS was came into being in July 2007 and Al-hamdo Lillah it have completed its first year of publication with great success and notable achievements.

Bibi Jan Free Sewing Center

Bibi Jan Free Sewing Center is a family-supported project in commemoration of Late Mubarak Begum, who passed away on Sunday 31st August 2003. By starting this project on June 11, 2012; the team is in a mission to cater the deserving class of the society and less privileged. The Center provides assorted skills like; cutting, sewing, knitting, embroidery and other needle works within shortest possible time so they can work at home and earn their salt-n-bread with grace and dignity. All sewing accessories are provided absolutely free of cost except the specimen cloth and matching thread. Due to massive number of enrolled students, now there are two working batches in progress offering equal split time.

I have designed and published the project website Bibi Jan Free Sewing Center and on air since 27th May 2012. Since then I'm engaged with the project as Project Designer & Webmaster voluntarily.

Academic Profile:

Academic Qualification: B.A

Professional Qualification: MCS, Microsoft Certification

Professional Learning Skill:

Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7

Office 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)

Web Page Designing (FrontPage 2002)

CorelDraw 9, 10, 11, 12

Picture scanning and manipulation

InPage Professional

Internet & E-mail

Professional Profile:

Professional Experience: 14+ years

Principal-ship "Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute" Introduction

Computer Services Offered:

Graphic Designing (Everything as per requirement)

Website Designing (Personal to Corporate)

Product Designing (With Consultancy)

Scanning & Photo Editing

Urdu, Arabic & English Composing

Script Editing & Proof Reading

Urdu to English Translation

E-mail with Composing

CV & Application with Professional Advice

Black & Color Printing

Laser prints from Floppy, Zip, CD, USB Drive

CD Burning

One to One - Executive Computer Training.

  Various Professional and Short Courses are available to choose from. Details

Personal Computer Profile:

HP 530 Notebook
Intel Genuine Duo Core 1.83 GHz (CPU: T2400)


100 GB HDD (6 partitions)

HP PCS 2310 All-in-One Black/Colour Printer

HP 1730 TFT LCD Screen 17 inch

Platform: Windows 7 Home Premium (Service Pack 1)

Service Profile:

Worked in Mussarat Piracha's Girls High School, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.

Period: 18+ years (January 1981 to June 2000)

Designations occupied: P.R.O, Accountant, Manager

The End

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