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Life is a comedy for those who think, and tragedy for those who feel.




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Worldwide Coins

Worldwide Safety Matches

Worldwide View Cards

Beauty & Toilet Soaps

Wine Glasses (without wine)

Books (English and Urdu)



Interests & Hobbies 

Writing Urdu Poetry & Prose

Writing Books both in Urdu & English (computer, literature, general)

Reading Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Playing Chess, Play Cards, Ludo, Draught, Scrabble, Computer Games


TV Watching (Drama, Comedy)

Watching War and Classic movies on YouTube

Listening Music (preferable old Indo-Pak songs)

Photography (My Lahore Pictures online)

Jokes, Comics & Funny pictures

Computer Graphic Designing

Product Designing with Consultancy

Website Designing & Publishing

Internet Browsing, Chat (occasionally)

Discover e-friends on the Internet

E-mail correspondence send e-mail

Social Welfare Work see pictures online

Welfare Touring to Northern areas of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir









 Alphabetically Listed

Book Reading


Computer Designing

E-mail Correspondence

Internet Browsing

Listening Music

Movie Watching


Play Cards

Playing Chess

Playing Computer Games

Playing Draught

Playing Luddo

Playing Scrabble

Safety Matches




TV Watching

View Cards

Welfare Touring

Wine Glasses

Writing Books



The End

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