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My Medical History

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or illness.





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It was a miserable hot Sunday of April 12, 1970, in Lahore, Pakistan when I got fractured my cervical spine in the shallow water of Lahore city canal. As I dived, my head hit the sand; legs poled up over my head and then fell down to right side. After a moment, I felt that water is running over me. I tried my best to come up but there was neither sensation nor any movement in my body. So I believed to be drowned and dead but a sparkling wish waved in my mind for the life. I prayed to God Almighty for an escape and suddenly a vortex swirled me back to the bank. I was in full senses but totally motionless. Some people noticed me and get me out of water. All this happened within seconds. After some time, I was taken to Services Hospital by a horse-driven tonga and shifted to Mayo Hospital late at night. At then, I was just 16, have passed my Secondary School Examination in 1st division and in a process to getting admission in a college.

Next, it's a shocking zig zag story, yet hard to recall and maybe unpleasant to read. But let me brief it to show the degree of my inconveniences. In Mayo Hospital Lahore, I was diagnosed as "burst fracture of C-5" and spent first four months in a state of motionless body... semi-conscious... highest 107.2°F temperature... fish-hook cervical traction... neurogenic bladder and profound bedsores. While next eight months in General Hospital Lahore was a recovery and healing period of bed sores. When I moved back to home after almost a year, a new era began to fight for life and struggle to chalk out my future.

Great efforts for the restoration of my health and ability to walk back were made. All available health specialists and peers were contacted. A variety of treatments i.e Allopathy, Homeopathy, Herbal, Hydropathy, and Spiritual were practiced but time elapsed faster and faster without a certain miracle. Thus, days accumulated to months and months made up years. However, after a constant period of 2˝ years, while using mix treatments and performing physiotherapy, I was somehow developed to stand and walk with the help of crutches first and with a high stick later. My sensations were also restored partially and I was categorized to "Left-sided hemi-plegic".

In 1974, I was operated twice. First, my urinary bladder was operated for a stone removal. The famous urologist Dr. Imtiaz of Hajrah Memorial Clinic did a successful attempt. Second, for the rectification of my spinal cord - decompression by laminectomy, famous neurologist of that time Prof. Dr. Bashir Ahmed did the operation after a great discussion which was severely unsuccessful. My sensations diminish and I lost my ability to walk even with crutches. My capacity of writing weakened as severely that I was unable to even holding my pen. Thus, this futile operation badly affected my daily routines and I was somehow more dependent than before. To restore my pre-operative condition, several certain efforts were made with the help of physiotherapy but I couldn’t walk with crutches even after and now, a permanent wheelchair user.

Medical Diagnosis

Cervical Spine MRI Report as on March 18, 2005


Multi-echo multi-planar images through the cervical spine were performed. There is evidence of laminectomy. Partially collapsed C5 shows increased anterior-posterior dimension secondary to burst fracture. There is evidence of laminectomy at this level with mild spinal curvature reversal. Segment of cervical cord from C5 down to C6 level is atrophied and reflects signal changes suggestive of mylomalacia.

Rest of visualized lower cervical and upper dorsal spine is unremarkable.


Post traumatic C5 compression and cord injury which has progressed to focal cord atrophy and mylomalacia.

Present Condition

  • After surgery in November 2011 for pressure sores, I'm resting in bed as a  precautionary manner to prevent the hyper sensitive skin to rupture again. The surgery was successfully done by Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Hamid Ansari.

  • I sit in my power wheelchair intermittently for only 3-4 hours after a week or so. Due to longer times in bed, my career to run Computer Training Institute has been come to an end causing financial hardships. I made myself busy with my laptop; browsing internet and updating my 6 websites at regular intervals.

  • Setback: My current wheelchair don't have power recline, tilt-lift features, so I cannot sit for longer times by changing my tri-directional posture to prevent pressure sore.

  • Hyper Sensitivity: My both legs are very sensitive and returned powerful jerks whenever touched or move. Left ankle; knee and wrist joints are mostly hyper sensitive.

  • Treatment: I'm taking medicines to lessen hyper sensitivity of overall body and to soothe my nerves; prescribed by Dr. Mohsin Zaheer - a renowned neuro-physician.

Wheelchair (a poem)

Life isn't always easy
Sitting in a wheelchair
Sometimes I get discouraged
And loaded down with care

That's when I lean on God
To help me through the day
For He gives me peace and comfort
When trials come my way

The Qura'an says there is a place
That someday I will see
Where there will be no sickness
Or pain to bother me

I'll walk upon a street of gold
Glorious beauty I will share
In a place called Heaven
Where I'll need no wheelchair.

  Recommended Wheelchair for Postural Transport: 

Jazzy Q6000 - Power Wheelchair
(a dream to own for more postural comfort and independent lifestyle)

May be exchange with my in use Invacare Nutron R51 Power Wheelchair

A Humble Request...

Health is my lost heaven... but the candle of hope is still sparkling...
Readers are requested to pray for my health, courage, tolerance and patience. Thanks!

Psychiatrists says...

One must not forget that recovery is brought about not by the physician, but by the sick man himself. He heals himself, by his own power, exactly as he walks by means of his own power, or eats, or thinks, breathes or sleeps.

Doctors says...

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

Me says...

Trust in God Almighty and hope for the better. Keep your chin up and explore new horizons.





The End

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