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How do I Joined?

General Scenarios and Downfall

My Future Career

ajmalbeig with Mussarat Piracha in Annual Function 1987 (Al-Hamrah Hall #1) Governing Body

Devoted & Dedicated Staff

Some Memorable Dates in the School History

Picture Gallery

My Awards & Distinctions

My Service Profile


Lost Classmate Portal


School Background 

Mussarat Piracha's Girls High School was a prominent and well-maintained private institute run by Mrs. Mussarat Jaffery nee Piracha. The school was established back in 1967 in the area of Pakki Thatti, Multan Road Lahore with the title name of Mussarat Middle Girls School for 4 consecutive years. In 1971, the school was nationalized by Bhutto's government. Under government administration, the school abandoned its goals and the standard of education became worse and worst. In this situation, most parents removed their children from the school. (click right picture to enlarge) Note: More memorable pictures will be added soon, Insha Allah.

In 1977, the parents who already had experienced the standard and quality of education rendered by Miss Mussarat Piracha compelled her to re-established a school like before. So after a pause of six years, she re-formulated its academic services with new style and refreshed stamina in a rented building located at main boulevard, (Satluj Block), Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. Its name was then decided Mussarat Piracha's Home. Later on when the school was officially recognized by the Education Department its name was Mussarat Piracha Girls High School. The school earned a great fame and repute in the locality for its quality education. It was a remarkable turning point in the school history when after a great struggle, Mussarat Piracha was allotted school plot by LDA at 905-Nizam Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. The building layout was designed by Aamir Architects and bricks' quality was approved by Sh. Fazal Elahi Piracha; father of Mussarat Piracha. On November 7, 1986 digging started and  foundation stone laid by Khadim Hussain Siddiqui, President ABL who very kindly approved the primary loan for school construction. M/S Ishaq Contractors started construction with great spirit while electric, sanitary and steel works were shared by Ayyaz Electric Contractors,  Amanat Ali Sanitary Works and Banyamin Steel Works respectively. Within 1 1/2 years the ground and first floors were almost ready and first batch of classes was started on April 9, 1988. A dream came true. View school building as seen on Google Earth.

How do I joined Mussarat Piracha's Home? 

On December 29, 1981, a seminar was organized at Hotel Flatti's, Lahore under the banner of Anjuman-e-Bahali-e-Mazooran, Lahore chaired by Mr. Jamshaid Pirzada and presided over by Mr. Zakir Hussain Qureshi Provincial Minister for Social Welfare and Religious Affairs, Punjab. This seminar was conducted in relevance to 1981-International Year for the Disabled Persons embraced by the United Nations and well-echoed globally including Pakistan. I was invited to read a paper Kiya Mazoori Aik Roag Hai? in the said seminar; broadcasted same evening on Radio Pakistan Lahore Channel-2.

After the seminar, a lady in wheelchair asked me, "Where I'm working?" I answered, "Nothing, I remained free at home". She said, "A person with such brilliant vision and feelings, must not stay idle at home". She offered me to work with her at her girls high school, which I accepted with high gratitude. As a token of our first meeting, I presented her my poetry book Numa-e-Gham very humbly and she was delighted to see it. The day after tomorrow on December 31, 1981, I attended another seminar in Town Hall, Lahore conducted by Punjab Social Welfare Department. Here the lady (Mussarat Piracha) announced that she has appointed me as her PRO (Public Relation Officer).

It was a great turning point in my life and I was extremely very passionate to join the office. With great fervor and dedicated determination, I joined my office on January 4, 1982 located at Satluj Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. Next day; on January 5, 1982, the Principal, very kindly presented me a brand new wheelchair for domestic use. It significantly facilitate my home life as it provided me massive liberty to move myself around home.

On Saturday, 9th January 1982, the school held a function at Educational Hall, Lahore Museum on the occasion of Eid Milad-un-Nabi. This was my first appearance (debut) on the platform of Mussarat Piracha's Home. In this function, expressing my immense confidence on stage, I presented an Islamic Quiz Show. It was also my very first performance on a stage which was highly successful and well-applaud by the audience.

General Scenarios and Downfall

My literary thirst well quenched at school platform, where I done a great creative work and wrote speeches, compositions, dramas, scripts, parodies, poems and also manage quizzes on various national and religious occasions. I also unveiled, polished and proved my designing capabilities and other talents by giving extra time even after school hours. This sincere dedication effected my overall health and some pressure sores developed due to restless long sittings. I apparently always compromised with my health problems but never give-up my work because I love working. 

It was a miserable afternoon of July 25, 1990, school was closed for summer vacation and I was called upon by Mussarat Piracha - The Principal to complete pending office works. She was always feel comfortable while working with me. We worked for hours and completed a lot of work. Winding up for the day we say Allah Hafiz. She always go back home by her Suzuki van but due to not availability of van that day, she decided to go home on her wheelchair. Within five minutes of her departure she was shot from back on the way back to home with her maid. She was taken to Shaikh Zayed Hospital where I met her lying on stretcher and was taken to Lahore General Hospital for further investigations and treatment.

After bullet injury of Mussarat Piracha, the school actually started its downfall. She struggled not only for life but for school as well. She shifted her residence in the school premises for better supervision. When she feel discomfort and uncertain; she moved her bed in the office and try to control the school more minutely. Her efforts didn't bring blooms because huge medical expenses, bank and personal loans, school maintenance, staff salaries and finally visit to England for medical treatment were all those frontiers she couldn't fight alone while lying in bed.

My Future Career

While I got computer training well beside my service in late afternoons, my medical problem get worse and worst due to restless long sittings causing pressure sores. At last, in the capacity of Manager, I verbally resigned on medical grounds heavy-heartily after a service of 18+ years without claiming any retirement benefits. Thus my multi-natured activities converted to my newly established home-based Pentium Graphics Center & Training Institute.

Governing Body

Begum Masood Sadiq

Miss. Khurshid Niazi

Miss. Ismat Niaz

Mr. Aneeq Ahmed (son of Ashfaq Ahmad - Talqeen Shah)

Mr. Gul Hameed (son of Dr. Nazir Ahmad of Govt. College, Lahore)

Dr. Sheikh Naeem-ul-Hameed

Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed Tabish

Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Beig Naz (this is me)

Devoted & Dedicated Staff

  All Time Dedicated Faculty:

Below is a selected list of administrative staff whose devotion and best performance played a beneficial role in the progress of school success and major accomplishments.

Administration Wing:

Mrs. Sumaira Abid Beig (office Secretary)

Miss. Naheed Bokhari (Headmistress)

Miss. Aaima Younas (office Secretary)

Miss. Shabana Ali (office Secretary)

Miss. Qudsia Arif (office Secretary)

Mrs. Shamim Zaidi (office Secretary)

Miiss. Zarqa Almas (office attendant)

Mrs. Shehnaz Javaid (care taker)

Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Beig Naz (manager)

Mr. Saleem (PRO)

Mr. Sajid Nawaz (field officer)

Mr. Asif Hafeez (office boy)

Mr. Jamil Akhter (part-time accountant)


Below is a list of academic staff who had left valuable impact in the school history. Most of them served for years until their marriage. Some of them resumed after their marriage while some re-joined more than once. (Note: Names are listed by ignoring their marital status)

Academic Wing:

Khalida Khayal, Raheela Zaka, Tanzeem Ara, Shaheen Akbar, Shahida Rabbani, Fouzia Shehnaz, Samra Javed, Tayyaba Ikram, Tayyaba Ghafoor, Saba Faisal, Zaeem Fatima, Rubina Zaka, Adeeba Khawar, Naila Khadim, Seema, Shaghufta Kalim,  Uzma Roohi, Shabnam Rubab, Rizwana Mirza, Nazia Sardar, Nuzhat Masroor and many more...

Shaheen Jaffery, Saleha Bilal, Ghazala Shehzad, Qudsia Arif, Shehnaz Akhtar, Gulnaz Shehzadi, Zubda Minhas, Samina Sabzwari, Uzma Jaffery, Mussarat Arif, Shehnaz Bashir, Shaista Ahsan, Fehmida Bano, Anila Arif, Nuzhat Yasmin, Naeema Salim, Mrs Khudaija Insari and many more...

 Part-time Male Teachers:

Sohail Fazli (music teacher), Hafeez Farooqi (math teacher)

  All Time Dedicated Lower Staff:

Below is a carefully selected list of lower staff who proved their full loyalty and faithfulness
during my tenure i.e year 1982 to 2000.

(Ayas) Wazeeran Bibi, Nazeeran Bibi,

(Office Boys) Ilyas Masih, Niaz, Zahid Ahmad, Niaz Muhammad,

(Male Peons) Badar Zaman, Abdul Sattar

(Lady Peons) Shehnaz, Razia Bibi, Seema Bibi,

(Gate Keepers) Jaggah Masih, Riaz Masih, Ali Muhammad, Peer Muhammad,

(Drivers) Saa'een Muhammad, Javed Zaman

(Sweepers) Sardar Masih, Mahnnah Masih, Baba Khairah

Some Memorable Dates about School (from my diary)

Annual Picnics


Annual staff picnic at Hiran Minar


Annual student picnic at Walipota Farm


Annual staff picnic at Changa Manga


Annual staff picnic at Changa Manga


Annual staff picnic at Jallo Park

  About School's Own Building


Digging started for the new school building at 905-Nizam Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore. Khadim Hussain Siddiqui, President ABL laid the foundation stone.


Office started working for new admissions


First batch of classes started for the academic year 1988-1989

About Mussarat Piracha (The Principal) 


In a road accident; leg fracture of Mussarat Piracha


Jan Slomp - a Christian priest in Netherlands, while on a visit to Pakistan, he bought an Urdu book Pukar written by Mussarat Piracha. He later published its Dutch translation  as Strijdbaar in een rolstoel (available Online). He visited our school thrice; first on 19-11-1987, 2nd on 20-11-1993, and 3rd on 20-01-1997


Ajeeb Larki (available Online) a book by Mussarat Piracha published by Ferozesons Ltd.


Bullet injury in her way back to home (she rejoined her office on 18-9-1990)


Go to London for advanced treatment of bullet injury,
1st visit on 09-03-1991, 2nd on 13-6-1993 and 3rd on 6-6-1996

  click to enlarge...

History Calendar Around Me (from my diary)


Telephone facility was provided in my office at Satluj Block Office


Joined my office in school's new constructed building at Nizam Block, Iqbal Town.


A journalist; Miss Shazia promised to provide an auto motor-cycle. The delivery of tri-wheeler bike was made on
03-07-1990. (my first independent drive on 21-7-1990)


Started use of push-type wheelchair in office which brought me great comfort


Go to PTV, Lahore twice with music group for the recording of Punjabi program Rishman  on 19-10-1990 and
10-5-1991 respectively


My interview was telecasted by Pakistan Television, Lahore in its weekly program
Tau Kiya Gham Hai


My office shifted on Ist floor


My written drama Adl-e-Jahangir was staged in school's Meena Bazar

My Awards & Distinctions 

Best Worker Award in 1984

On Tuesday 10th Januay 1984 at Flatti's Hotel, Lahore. (Annual Function)

Awarded First Prize (Tafseer-e-Fazli)

Best Worker Award in 1986

On Friday 2nd May 1986 at Alhamrah, Lahore. (Annual Function)

Awarded First Prize (Cash)

Best Worker Trophy in 1987

On Friday 20th March 1987 at Alhamrah Hall#1 (auspicious occasion of school's 10 years' celebration)

Awarded Second Prize (Trophy)

Best Worker Award in 1988

On Saturday 23rd April 1988 at Alhamrah, Lahore. (Annual Function)

Awarded Cash Prize

Best Worker Award in 1989

On Thursday 9th June 1989 at Alhamrah, Lahore. (Annual Function)

Awarded Cash Prize

Note: From 1990 to onward (until my leaving), no annual function was celebrated on broad spectrum due to bullet injury of the Principal; Mrs. Mussarat Jaffery.

My Service Profile

Joined: on Monday January 04, 1982 (as PRO - Public Relation Officer)

Abandonment: on Friday June 16, 2000 (as Manager)

Period of Service: 18+ years

Picture Gallery

 click a picture to enlarge

ajmalbeig with Best Worker Trophy 1987 (Al-Hamrah Hall #1) ajmalbeig in Satluj Block Office ajmalbeig with Admin Staff in Nizam Block Office ajmalbeig with Sohail Fazli at Gulshan Iqbal Park on 28-01-1989


After leaving school, I was wholeheartedly busy in nourishing my new career i.e my Computer Training Institute and there was no direct and/or indirect connection between me and Mussarat Baji.


One day, I was informed by someone that Mussarat Baji had been passed away at the age of 65 on Monday 8th December 2008 (the day of Eid ul Azha 1429). إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ (Inna Lillah Wa Inna Elahe Rajeoon). With her demise, the life chapter of legendary Mussarat Piracha (Ajeeb Larki) and her academic mission under the banner of Mussarat Piracha's Girls High School closed forever. Her contributions in the field of "education" are highly commendable and will last forever.  And as a devoted educationist she will be remembered for decads.

May Allah be pleased with her and rest her soul in jannah. Ameen Ya Rubbul Lilalamin.

Later an article written by Saira Dar was published in Dawn Newspaper Pakistan on December 26, 2008. and now available at The Schuitema Blog

  Lost Classmate Portal 

To save sweet memories of school time, I had added this page to my website in September 2007. Old students of Mussarat Piracha's Girls High School find out this page using Google and other search engines, and started sharing their sweet memories with me by phone calls and sending emails. I'm grateful to all those young chaps who rendered their respect and love toward me.

Below is a list of those young chaps with their email addresses. It's an effort to provide linkage to other old students to come forward and find out their lost classmates. You can add yourself by sending your memories at You can also send your picture to display with your name.

Name Class Year Current Status





Network Supervisor, UAE

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Muhammad Nofal



Electrical Engineer

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Sumbal Ameer

Nurs to Matric



send request

Usman Sani

Nurs to Matric



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Wajeeha Afzal



House Wife, Lahore

send request

Faisal Tahir



Chartered Accountant, UK

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Rabia Ayub



Scientist, UK

send request

Muhammad Umer Tahir 



Medical System Engineer in "Medeqips", Lahore

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Sabeen Shahzad

Nurs to Matric


House Wife, Scotland UK 

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